Preparing for SilpBox mobile: SlipBox 0.9.7 released

In anticipation of the release of the mobile version of SlipBox, I released an update of the desktop version yesterday, which is now at version 0.9.7. (I wonder how long it will take to get to 1.0 …) This a maintenance release with the main purpose of providing a seamless integration between the two versions. It also contains a number of bugfixes and smaller changes.

I submitted the mobile version to Apple a few days ago, so it should not be too long now before it will be available on the App Store (I hope). The mobile version will be a universal app for all iOS platforms: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.

Concerning on how to name to the mobile version, I’ve now decided to simply call it SlipBox as well. When it is necessary to be more specific, there are the obvious options: SlipBox mobile, SlipBox touch, SlipBox iOS, SlipBox for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (how about the last one, hehehe). The OS X version then might be SlipBox OS X, SlipBox for Mac, SlipBox desktop or similar.

Finally, some housekeeping: you can now comment on this blog, should you wish to do so.


SlipBox for iPhone/iPad soon ready for App Store submission

The mobile version of SlipBox is currently in its final stages of testing and will be submitted to the App Store soon. As you may have seen from the note on the home page, it will be a mobile companion to the OS X version. In this initial release it will provide the very basics of SlipBox: adding, removing and editing slips as well as computing slip scents.

Documents between the OS X and mobile versions can be exchanged via the iTunes File Sharing or via the integrated Dropbox support.

The current plans for updates are more ways of synchronising between desktop and mobile device as well as other favourites from the OS X like Keywords Scents or the mundane feature of emptying the trash.