A slip-box is really just a loose collection of slips stuffed into a box. Each time you have an idea that seems worth remembering you scribble down a note on an (electronic) slip, put it into the box and forget about it. Once you need your ideas, the functionality of the program helps you to quickly find relevant slips and, what is more, relations and links between different slips by associative searches.
The SlipBox application supports OpenMeta tags and provides a plug-in architecture to establish interfaces to other programs, eg to BibDesk, Bookends (programs to manage references), Skim (a PDF reader and annotation tool) and Graphviz (a graph visualisation tool).

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 (Version 0.8 runs on 10.4, version 0.6 runs on 10.3.9; see the archive page.)

Contact: For criticism, praise, bug reports or feature requests please use the forum. You can also send an email to slipbox [at] [name of this domain].