The one minute sales pitch
In the age of Spotlight and Google you don't want to search through your notes with clumsy search functions; you don't want to spend huge amounts of time on organising your notes. Instead, you want the computer to do the boring stuff, and, what is more, you want your computer to be able to support you in making the most of your notes. SlipBox not only realises a conception that has proven its usefulness over a long time (since the invention of paper-and-pencil filing systems, to be vaguely more precise) and in different incarnations, but SlipBox actually goes a step further by integrating modern functions of linguistic analysis and information visualisation. Additional advantages of SlipBox are that you can integrate multimedia formats (images, videos, other file formats) into the text and that it is fully integrated into the Mac OS X environment. SlipBox, of course, also has all the usual advantages of electronic data: easy multiplication, dissemination, reuse, linking to external resources, and so on.

What sets it apart from other note taking applications are the associative searches that enable the program to show you connections between your ideas that you may not have thought of.