ListBox is a simple editor for plain text lists with Dropbox integration. ListBox can be the one place for all your lists and is designed to be fast, simple and ubiquitous.
  • Fast: only plain text;
  • Simple: only two levels of indentation (plus titles);
  • Ubiquitous: files can be exchanged easily and edited with any text editor on any computer.
As the name suggests, ListBox is primarily for lists and not for outlining, which is why it only uses two levels of indentation (plus titles to subdivide the list). While this might look like a restriction, it is actually one of its main benefits: it helps to organise your thoughts!

Main features
  • Dropbox syncing
  • iTunes syncing
  • Emailing of lists
  • Moving rows by dragging
  • Plain text file format for easy exchange with other apps and platforms
  • Support of OPML files for exchange with outline software (e.g. OmniOutliner)
  • Support of MobileMe
  • File exchange via WiFi
  • Simplenote support

(To open a preview of ListBox in your Web browser click here.)