One year of SlipBox & mid-term sale

Although hard to believe, it has already been a year since our mobile SlipBox version was released! To celebrate its first birthday and because it is mid-terms time again (always a frantic period of note-keeping for students) SlipBox will be available with a 70% discount for a limited time (click here).

If you like SlipBox, please have a look at ListBox (click here)! ListBox is a simple editor for plain text lists with the same seamless Dropbox integration as SlipBox. As a dedicated list app, it allows only two levels of indentation (plus titles). The simple restriction to two levels will help you organise your thoughts! Its main features are:
  • Dropbox syncing
  • iTunes syncing
  • Emailing of lists
  • Moving rows by dragging
  • Plain text file format for easy exchange with other apps
I am actually currently hard at work on an update, which will include support for TextExpander and OPML (for easy exchange with outline applications, such as OmniOutliner).