SlipBox lite availble

SlipBox lite is now available for free on the App Store. It is basically identical to the full version (at version 1.1), except that it is limited to 20 slips per slip-box. See this entry in the FAQ.

Which reminds me: There now is an FAQ section for SlipBox mobile that addresses … well … the questions I have been asked most frequently up to now.

Finally: if you’re following this blog, you probably are interested in SlipBox and its future development. If you have not done so, could you please consider reviewing or rating SlipBox or SlipBox lite on the App Store? It only takes a minute, and it makes a huge difference!

Version 1.1 of SlipBox mobile available

Version 1.1 of SlipBox mobile is now available via the iTunes App Store. It fixes the issue a few users were experiencing when syncing with the Dropbox server. As it turns out, the system time on some devices lags behind the time on the Dropbox server so much that it messed up the synchronisation.

Additional goodies of this version: German localisation and some tweaks of the user interface.

I also submitted a lite version of SlipBox mobile (which I’ll probably refer to as `SlipBox lite’ in the future) to Apple at the same time that I submitted this update. `Lite’ meaning, it’s free but limited to 20 slips per slip-box. No news on that yet, but it should become available pretty soon as well.